Generalitat Workshop – Theatre as a tool to learn English


We were asked by Servei Territorial del Baix Llobregat to organise a workshop entitled “Theatre as a Tool to Learn English” for their “Sharing to Learn Project.” It was a great experience with loads of teacher participation.

Escola Multilingüe-Fira 3M-Fundació Escola Cristiana


A video from the closing ceremony of the “Jornada Escola Multilingüe-Fira 3M,” organised by Escola Cristiana. Here’s a taste of what is was like. We had so much fun!

Making Of Photoshoot & Jumping Ducks Team


As a team we got together and enjoyed a session of creativity and fun.

La Coral amb Jumpingducks


La Salle Figueres produced their own Jumping Ducks workshop video.

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Introducing Jumping Ducks Team


We are pleased to introduce you to our team and the core ideas of Jumping Ducks: Musical Theatre, Values and Escola Nova 21.

Coneix el nostre equip

Beauty and the Beast


Our modern day take on Beauty and the Beast takes place in Hollywood and London. Belle wants to be a pilot. Beast had been a bully in school, was punished and turned into a beast by a witch.

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